Route of Honour/La Route d’Honneur

2005 was designated the Year of the Veteran. Ceremonies across Canada commemorated the million and a half volunteer men and women of Canada’s armed services who fought in the major battles of the 20th Century, in Europe, but also in such Outposts of Honour as Hong Kong, Korea, and the many peace restoring missions. Key periods were VE Day in May, VJ Day in August and  Remembrance Day in November. 

Over the past ten years, the Canadian Battlefields Foundation has created a Route of Honour/La Route d’Honneur, literally a roadmap of heroic liberation across Europe. Through the placement of memorials and descriptive plaques and with the aid of Prof. Terry Copp’s Battlefield Guide publications, the prime battles fought by Canadian troops in Europe are clearly identified across the face of the continent. Every year competitively selected university students are awarded bursaries for intensive touring and examination of these battle sites and their Canadian heroes.